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You can choose any approach that is convenient for you to file complaints against infringing products and sellers

Voghion IP Complaint System

This is a one-stop complaint system for right holders or their authorized agencies to file complaints based on the IP rights. This system accept all complaints against the products based on trademarks, patents, copyrights or other IP rights, such as official website images.

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IP Complaint Procedure

Learn the basic procedure of Voghion IP Complaint.

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Rules of IP Complaint Reasons

Learn the basic rules of Voghion IP Complaint Reasons.

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Policy & Knowledge

Regulation of IPR Management
Penalty Rules for IP Infrigement
Seller Study Hub

Pilot Program

Pilot Program

We are glad to hear requests and advice from right holders, institutions and authorized angencies. If you have any issues concerning brand protection, welcom to contact us via.


Welcome to contact us for signing MOU to launch deepen brand protection cooperation.

Brand Protection Resolution

If you find that filing complaints cannot reach good results, you can contact us for specialized brand protection resolution.

Proactive Monitoring

Contact us to suggest keywords/images/brand trainings for proactive monitoring.

Law Enforcement Guide

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